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There are many special needs when it comes to marketing and sales automation. With WildGrowthControl, you can meet these needs by developing a customized solution that fits to your business.

What Industries Does WildGrowthControl Work With?

The WildGrowthControl platform is ideal for small businesses that are looking to improve their operations and handle more growth. It can help them grow their sales by streamlining their processes.


With WildGrowthControl CRM software, you can make your marketing and sales processes more efficient and effective.

Loan Officers

Follow-up, prioritize, and collect leads are some of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your sales process.

Real Estate

You can automate the marketing process for your business so that you can focus on creating exceptional client experiences.


Credit Repair

By automating your marketing and sales processes, you can make every client feel important and build stronger relationships.


With a streamlined admin process, you can take your agency to the next level. You can also sell more policies and make renewal easier.

Fitness & Gyms

With WildGrowthControl, you can stay top of mind and ensure that no one gets left behind when it comes to securing a potential client.

Med Spas

With a unified sales inbox, you can make every client feel special by sending them appointment reminders, tracking them down, and keeping track of all potential customers.

Law Firms

Sales and marketing should be more organized and focused to handle more leads. This can be done through delegate and focus on work.


Email marketing is a great way to grow your Google reviews and keep up with your marketing efforts.

Tree Service

With our missed call coverage, you can ensure that every potential lead gets taken care of. You can build a beautiful website in just one go.

Septic & Plumbing

Ensure every potential call and lead gets taken care of with our missed call coverage. Build your beautiful website in one place.


We provide a comprehensive coverage of all missed calls. This will help ensure that the lead gets taken care of immediately.

Don’t see your industry?

Contact us to find out if WildGrowthControl is a good fit for your business needs.

WildGrowthControl is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your business.

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